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PPIJ Policy Research

Indonesian Student Think Tank of Policy Research in Germany


Non-partisan, student-led think tank, initiated by PPI Jerman (Association of Indonesian Students in Germany) as a platform catering to Indonesian students and independent researchers in Germany. The think tank focuses on fostering and organizing scholarly exchange, policy research, and producing policy recommendations for the Indonesian public and government in an advisory capacity as an effort to further strengthen exchanges of knowledge between Indonesia and Germany.

Five active research groups, organized in clusters or working group of expertise:
1. Cluster Regional Development, Innovation, and Spatial Planning (RegDev)
2. Cluster Agriculture, Forestry, Fishery, and Livestock (AFFL)
3. Cluster Democracy and Society (DC)
4. Cluster Politics and Technology
5. Cluster Geo, Climate, and Disaster
PPIJPR accomodates further interests of Indonesian students or researchers in Germany and opens up for creation of more clusters.

Main activities:
– Managing and organizing our repository of members and other professional contacts by means of social media
– Presenting theses or initiating discussions on diverse global issues and concerns through PPIJ Round Table and Forum PPIJ
– Collaborating to produce policy papers in forms of “Pernyataan Sikap” (Statement of Position) or “PPIJ Briefs” policy recommendation papers.

Always follow our activities announced at our Instagram account @ppi_jerman!

Contact:, to join us or initiate and expand our clusters!