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Cluster Regional Development, Innovation, and Spatial Planning


Strategic Studies and Research

Spatial Inequality in Indonesia, Decentralization, and Equitable Development

PPIJ Round Table, December 30, 2023. Study entitled “Spatial Inequality in Indonesia and Equitable Development”, by Geraldus K. Martimbang

Regional Development and Spatial Planning

Drafting themes and discussion points with members of the expert council in related fields from the 2024 Election presidential candidate team, as well as being a panelist team at PPIJ Forum No. 8, January 20, 2023.

PPIJ Briefs No. 1

Designing and writing essays, reports, and policy recommendations as output from PPIJ Forum No. 8.Perancangan dan penulisan esai, report, serta policy recommendation sebagai output dari Forum PPIJ No. 8.

Who are we?

The Cluster Regional Development, Innovation, and Spatial Planning was formed in the 2023/2024 PPI Germany management period by the Department of Research and Strategic Studies (Riskastrat). The Cluster Regional Development, Innovation, and Spatial Planning brings together Indonesian researchers, practitioners, and students in Germany in the fields of architecture, spatial planning, urban planning, land management, transportation, economic geography, STS, and geoinformatics.

General Activities:
  • Regular internal discussions through online and in-person meetings, as well as communication via whatsapp groups,
  • Open scientific studies and discussions at the PPIJ Round Table,
  • Assisting the preparation of PPI Germany’s Position Statement on related fields,
  • Preparing scientific studies and policy briefs for the public and especially PPI Germany and Indonesian government agencies in Germany.
Advisory Board:

(in confirmation)

(to Desember 2023)
  • Chaska Reyhan Oskario – BSc Candidate Management and Technology, TU München
  • Geraldus K. Martimbang – MA Candidate Architektur, MSc Urbanistik, TU München
  • Mohammad Rohmaneo Darminto – PhD Candidate Geodäisie und Geoinformatiktechnik, TU Berlin
  • Zulqadri Ansar – PhD Candidate Land Management, TU Berlin

Contact Person:
Geraldus Martimbang (WA: +4917627858692)