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Inauguration of the Tandem ID x DE program in Germany

On Saturday, May 28, 2022, the Head of the Center for Language Strengthening and Empowerment – Ministry of Education and Culture, Dr. Iwa Lukmana, M.A., and the Education and Culture Attaché (Atdikbud) of the Indonesian Embassy in Berlin, Prof. Dr. Ardi Marwan inaugurated Tandem ID x DE 2022. This event is the result of a collaboration between PPI Jerman and the Education and Culture Attaché of the Indonesian Embassy in Berlin. Tandem ID x DE 2022 has full support from the Ministry of Education and Culture, Research and Technology, the Indonesian Embassy in Berlin, the Indonesian Consulate General in Frankfurt, and the Indonesian Cultural House in Berlin (RBI). The ID x DE Tandem 2022, which was initiated by the PPI Jerman, is the implementation of the BIPA Program Language diplomacy launched by the Ministry of Education and Culture, Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia. The BIPA is a program for learning Indonesian language skills: speaking; writing; reading; and listening, for foreign speakers (

Pembukaan Tandem ID x DE oleh Reza
The opening of the Tandem ID x DE event and remarks from Reza Khasbullah as the chairman of PPI Jerman 2022.

At the beginning of the opening of the event, in his speech, Reza Khasbullah as Chairman of the PPI Jerman of 2022 expressed his high appreciation to the PPI Jerman teams, especially the Department of Arts and Culture. Reza explained the importance of understanding “language” as the key to culture. As the first step in understanding the culture of a society and nation. He added that Bahasa Indonesia currently has the 9th largest popularity in the world after Russian, based on the number of users. From this popularity, various potential developments, and constructive cooperation for the development of Indonesia can be analyzed. Through the use and mastery of languages, both Indonesian and German language learners are expected to be able to contribute positively to diplomatic relations between the two countries -although each individual of course has their own reasons for learning a foreign language. On the occasion of the celebration of 70 years of diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Germany, PPI Jerman hopes that this event can be useful for all participants, both Indonesian citizens who learn German and foreigners who learn Indonesian.

Remarks by Dr. Iwa Lukmana, M.A. as the head of the Center for Language Strengthening and Empowerment

Head of the Center for Language Strengthening and Empowerment, Dr. Iwa Lukmana, M.A. in his speech, appreciated the Tandem ID x DE program as a form of the active contribution of Indonesian students to Indonesian diplomacy in Germany. Furthermore, he gave an illustration that Indonesia has the potential to develop Bahasa Indonesia as an international language. He added that the foreign language learning strategies in Tandem with formal situations in a simulative and active class, is very effective for language learning. At the end of his speech, he hopes that language learning in this Tandem program can be useful for now and in the future, both individually and professionally.

Remarks by Prof. Dr. Ardi Marwan as Attaché for Education and Culture at the Indonesian Embassy in Berlin

The next speech was delivered by Prof. Dr. Ardi Marwan, from the Embassy of Indonesia in Berlin. He appreciated the initiatives and efforts of the PPI Jerman in participating in promoting Bahasa Indonesia abroad. He explained that BIPA enthusiasts in Germany are very potential because they have been teached in 14 universities and other private institutions. Prof. Ardi added that APPBIPA in Germany is also one of the largest organizations in the world with a large number of members and a variety of interesting activities. APPBIPA is an Affiliate of Indonesian Language Teachers and Activists for Foreign Speakers, namely a professional organization consisting of BIPA teachers and BIPA activists. He reported that the Education Attaché and the Indonesian Embassy in Berlin are working tirelessly to make this language diplomacy successful by involving many parties. Not only the APPBIPA organization but also by involving other student organizations and the public. He hopes that in future activities, the Language Agency can also directly involve components of student organizations in Germany to promote the Indonesian language.

Boy Tri Rizky as the chief executive of the program and moderator of the Tandem class said that the enthusiasm of prospective participants in the Tandem ID x DE program in 2022 was very high. It was started with more than 100 registrants for Indonesian citizens learning German, both from Germany and from Indonesia. Meanwhile, for foreign registrants who learn Indonesian, the number meets the quota provided. On this occasion there is a limitation on the number of students with a comparison of the number of 12 people for Indonesian citizens who learn German and 12 people for foreigners who learn Indonesian, with a total of 24 people. This is done to provide effectiveness in teaching. The plan in this period will be from 28 May 2022-29 July 2022.

Our hope as PPI Jerman administrators and program implementers is that this activity can be a positive contribution to Indonesian language diplomacy and bring closer diplomatic relations between people to people contact of Indonesia and Germany, in the present and in the future. We will work tirelessly together so that this program can be continued in the future, as it has potentials to be our good contribution to Indonesian language diplomacy in the international world.