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[ENG] Collaboration between PPI and KJRI Brings Inspiration: Women’s Day Talk Show in Hamburg Focuses on Challenges and Career Opportunities for Women

Hamburg, March 9, 2024 – Commemorating International Women’s Day, Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia in Germany (PPI Jerman) held a talk show titled “Women in Career: Challenges and Opportunities.” The event took place at the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Hamburg (KJRI Hamburg), Bebelallee 15, 22299 Hamburg, with additional online components via the Zoom platform. This collaborative event with KJRI Hamburg and PPI Hamburg is the culmination of a series of Women’s Day events that began with a visual art competition in February 2024 with the theme “Kuatkan Wanita, Perkasa Dunia!”.

The event featured Renata Siagian (Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia in Hamburg), Agnia Dewi Larasati (Chairperson of PPI Germany 2023/2024, M.Sc Candidate, Electrical Engineering, TU München), Dr. Prasti Pomarius (Vice Chairperson of the Association of Indonesian Experts and Scholars in Germany 2023-2025, Senior Resident Surgeon, General Surgery, Preetz), Irina Rafliana (PhD Researcher at the National Research and Innovation Agency, German Institute of Development and Sustainability & University of Bonn), and Melda Wibawa (Painter).

The talk show aimed to acknowledge and celebrate women’s achievements in various important fields, including diplomacy, healthcare, social research, and leadership in organizations. Career women deserve recognition for demonstrating excellence, even though they face challenges that men may not necessarily experience. Issues related to stigma and social challenges were addressed in the talk show.

“Women have a soft and nurturing nature. The differences between women and men are due to educational factors. Women should be able to demonstrate leadership and showcase their qualities,” said Renata Siagian.

“The assessment of inequality between women and men is all built on different social processes and constructions, both in terms of discipline, interest, and others. The greatest difficulty for humans is the desire to walk together because of different interests,” said Irina Rafliana.

The event was opened by the Master of Ceremony (MC), followed by speeches from the Chairperson of PPI Hamburg and the event organizers. The talk show was moderated by Sekar Yunita, Vice Chairperson of PPI Germany 2023/2024. Sekar facilitated a sharing session of the speakers’ career experiences, as well as a discussion on issues faced by women. Consul Functionary of Protocol and Consular Affairs at KJRI Hamburg, Raden Usman Effendi, also attended to give introductory remarks. After the talk show, the event continued with presentations and the announcement of winners of the visual art competition. Finally, the event concluded with a group photo session and casual networking.

Participants provided positive feedback on the overall event series. They felt that the talk show was very inspiring and provided an opportunity for women to voice their opinions. Not only for women, but the talk show also touched the hearts and broadened the perspectives of male participants. They felt more empathetic and appreciative towards women.

In absorbing inspiration from the speakers, let us continue to foster the spirit to overcome every obstacle and seize every opportunity available. As expressed by Melda Wibawa, “If you work hard, others will see it and opportunities will come to you.” May every step taken by women carve out positive changes and strengthen their role in building a more inclusive and just future.

This event is presented by the Youth and Education Department of PPI Germany, headed by Igor Suryo and Daniel Permana.

Author: Iren Chrestella