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[ENG] PPI Jerman Successfully Organizes Leadership Basic Training 2024

HERBSTEIN, April 21, 2024 — The Indonesian Students Association in Germany (PPI Jerman) successfully organized the Leadership Basic Training (LDK) 2024 on April 19 – 21 at CVJM Feriendorf, Herbstein, Germany. Aimed at enhancing leadership skills among participants and strengthening the relationship between PPI chapters based in Germany, LDK was attended by delegates from 28 PPI chapters in Germany, totaling 70 participants, both from PPI chapters and PPI Jerman, as well as 26 committee members from PPI Jerman.

LDK presented various up-to-date and relevant materials on basic leadership skills. The event began with opening speeches by Agnia Dewi Larasati, President of PPI Jerman 2023/2024, and Zhegian Akbar Gustaman, the Executive Chair of LDK PPI Jerman 2024, and Antonius Yudi Triantoro, Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia in Frankfurt (KJRI Frankfurt), who expressed, “I believe that leadership cannot be obtained only by attending higher education. However, [leadership] needs to be trained, one of which is through organization. In addition, PPI Jerman also plays an important role in the Indonesia 2045 agenda, which aims towards Golden Indonesia.”

Workshop I titled “PPI 101: History, Present, and Future” was conducted by Agnia Dewi Larasati, which included an explanation of the history and introduction of PPI Jerman, followed by the vision and mission related to PPI Jerman and PPI chapters in the present and future. The activity concluded with a focus group discussion (FGD), where the committee provided a set of questions regarding the theme presented, and participants discussed the questions within the groups formed at the beginning of the event.

“PPI Jerman is the PPI chapters and the PPI chapters are PPI Jerman,” said Agnia Dewi Larasati when explaining about the close relationship that needs to be established between PPI Jerman and PPI chapters.

The second day continued with a panel talk on the theme “Building Relationships between PPI chapters, PPI Jerman, and Indonesian representatives in Germany”. Inviting Devdy Risa, Budi Annisa Sidi, and Dr.rer.nat. Roniyus Marjunus from the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Berlin (KBRI Berlin) as speakers, the panel talk successfully bridged and formed the relationship between PPI Jerman, PPI chapters, and representatives from KBRI Berlin, providing time and space for PPI chapters to convey questions and aspirations to KBRI Berlin.

In addition to the panel talk, the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to the Federal Republic of Germany, Arif Havas Oegroseno, also conducted a workshop on “Maritime Law and the History of Indonesia”. This workshop discussed maritime law, global competition, and geopolitical challenges, and was held with the hope that participants of the LDK could map and prepare the best ammunition to lead Indonesia towards a better future.

In this opportunity, the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to the Federal Republic of Germany also gifted a book titled “Revolusi: Indonesia and The Birth of The Modern World” by David Van Reybrouck to PPI Jerman. “I received this book from the German Chancellor when attending the G20 event in Bali. This book was initially published in Dutch and German. Hopefully, with this book, we can all have a better understanding of the Indonesian nation,” said Arif Havas Oegroseno.

The event then continued with a conflict and project management workshop conducted by Prio Adhi Setiawan and Rodlin Billah. In this workshop, participants learned techniques and tools to identify, evaluate, and manage conflicts in the PPI work environment. The activity concluded with an FGD, where the committee distributed leaflets containing a case study of a conflict at a PPI. Participants discussed the case study in groups and then presented it.

The series of events on the second day concluded with a treasure hunt, where participants searched for hidden group member name tags and a bonfire. Through this outdoor group activity, participants had the opportunity to directly hone their leadership skills, such as communication skills and deepening relationships among group members, fostering cooperation and a sense of togetherness among group members, as well as getting to know other PPI chapters and PPI Jerman more closely.

On the third day, PPI Jerman provided a census socialization for Indonesian students in Germany. The event series concluded with prize distribution for game winners, a group photo session, and the process of participants’ and committee members’ return.

Several ice-breaking games were also conducted during the LDK to strengthen relationships and enhance cooperation among participants. It is hoped that the LDK can serve as a bridge to strengthen the relationship among Indonesian students in Germany and also enhance the leadership skills of both participants and committee members.

The LDK event was organized by the Organization Department of PPI Jerman under the leadership of Zhegian Akbar Gustaman as the Head of the Department and Rafif Hendrasetyawan as the Deputy Head of the Department.

Authors: Maria Patricia Viannisa dan Tasallia Nima Kamil