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[ENG] Webinar with Techniker Krankenkasse: Brain Food – Mindful Eating!

Germany, 18 May 2024 — The Indonesian Students Association in Germany (PPI Jerman), in partnership with Techniker Krankenkasse, successfully held a Webinar on the topic of Brain Food – Mindful Eating on Saturday, 18th May 2024. The event took place via Microsoft Teams from 11:30 to 13:00 CEST (16:30 – 18:30 WIB). The event was moderated by staff members of the Business and Partnership Department of PPI Jerman which are Iqlima Khayra Mumtazya,  a bachelor candidate at Hochschule Kaiserslautern in Angewandte Chemie, and Lehetta Rosa Tambunan, a Staatsexamen candidate at Heinrich Heine Universität in Humanmedizin. Lukas Wiora, a nutritionist from GiB GmbH in collaboration with Techniker Krankenkasse, was featured as the keynote speaker.

The webinar aimed to enhance the understanding and awareness of the importance of health among Indonesian students in Germany. The webinar consisted of three main sessions, which are the material presentations, a question-and-answer session, and games. The event was opened with a warm opening speech by Lena Hölzel, a campus consultant from Techniker Krankenkasse, and was followed by the presentation from Lukas Wiora. He managed to deliver helpful insights on healthy dietary alternatives and underscored their significance in our daily lives. The content includes aspects of “brain food”, complex carbohydrates, suitable fats, essential amino acids, major neurotransmitters, and hormones in our body. Additionally, Lukas effectively addressed any questions and inquiries about integrating a healthy lifestyle as students, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the information provided in the webinar. 

The webinar attracted 32 participants from across Germany, who were deeply involved in the discussions, showing great enthusiasm and sincere eagerness to learn. “I loved seeing the engagement and enthusiasm of all the students,” said Lukas. “The webinar was highly informative, and I learned a great deal about brain food and various food ingredients,” said Fabio Pasquale, an Ausbildung student from Düsseldorf.

The information and insights shared by the speakers are expected to provide each participant with valuable knowledge to help maintain a healthy and happy life in Germany.

Authors: Iqlima Khayra Mumtazya Harmansyah dan Lehetta Rosa Tambunan
Editor: Rachel Trixie