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[ENG] Webinar : Kick-start your Azubi experience!

The Indonesian Student Association in Germany (PPI Germany) through the Department of Personal and Career Development (PDK) has a vision to increase collaboration between organisations in Germany and the world, therefore through the first webinar of the Personal and Career Development department, we decided to collaborate with the Indonesian Azubi Association.

As the title of the webinar, Kick-start your Azubi experience!, PAI (Perhimpunan Azubi Indonesia) is the right collaboration partner to fill the event, this webinar was held on Sunday, 15 January 2023. The webinar, which lasted for 3 hours through the Zoom Meeting platform, was attended by around 50 participants from both Indonesia and Germany. Through the registration data that we opened before the webinar was held, it was noted that 35.7% were students, 25.95% were workers, 8.9% were those who took Sprachkurs in Germany and even 6.9% were teachers and parents who wanted to know about Ausbildung, who could later share the information they got with their children or students.

The event began with an opening by the moderator and remarks from the vice chairman of PPI Germany and also the chairman of PAI Germany. After that, it was continued with a photo session with the webinar participants, Rayden Wisdom, who was the speaker at this webinar who also served as the Chairperson of the PAI Germany organisation, explained his material about Ausbildung. He explained that Ausbildung is a vocational education that lasts for 3-5 years, also that Ausbildung is an opportunity for Indonesian youth to continue their education abroad, because through Ausbildung, not only theoretical skills are learned but also practical skills that will be worked on during the education period. Through Ausbildung, Azubi will also get a monthly salary with a minimum of 600 euros in 2023. The event was interesting where almost all participants actively asked questions and followed the webinar until the end of the activity.

Through this webinar, the participants have gained an understanding of how to join Ausbildung, the rights obtained by an Azubi, and the majors available at Ausbildung. In addition, they can also network with fellow webinar participants who may continue their education through Ausbildung, so they can share information they have about Ausbildung through the Whatsapp group that we created for the webinar.