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[ENG] Webinar: Breaking into Consulting in Germany

The Department of Personal and Career Development (PDK) PPI Germany held a webinar entitled “Breaking into Consulting in Germany” on Sunday, March 26, 2023. Lasting for 2.5 hours, the Webinar held at Zoom was attended by around 70 people.

Divided into 4 sessions, participants received comprehensive information about the world of Consulting in Germany from two perspectives, namely the perspective of a working student, Dimas Fakhri Arsaputra, who has experience working as an Advanced Analytics & Data Science Working Student at KPMG, and also the perspective of a full-time worker, Satria Bayuaji, who is currently working as an IT Consultant at BCG @ Platinion.

After the two presentation sessions, the Webinar continued with the third session, QnA. Participants can directly interact with the two experienced speakers at world-renowned consulting companies. Then, the webinar ended with a Case Studies session, where participants were invited to work on several examples of consultant client case studies in a guided and interactive manner.

It is hoped that through this webinar event, participants can gain more comprehensive knowledge about the world of consulting, inspire them, and help them navigate into a career in the world of consulting.