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[ENG] Tips for Achieving Success in Germany: Career Development Webinar with Dr. Dimas Abdirama

Germany, March 10 , 2024 – The Department of Personal and Career Development (PDK) of PPI Jerman 2023/24 has once again held an inspirational online webinar with the title “Advance Your Career Journey in Germany” via Zoom on Sunday, March 10, 2024, from 14:00 to 16:00 CET (20:00 – 22:00 WIB). Moderated by Asikin Rohans Sucianto and Virya Leesidro, staff members of the PDK department, this online conference was resourced by Dr. Dimas Abdirama, a Senior Manager at Ernst & Young, who delivered the material, shared experiences, and discussed various questions regarding the process of career development in Germany. Dr. Dimas himself has had an inspiring career journey, starting from pursuing a PhD in Biotechnology to working as a researcher at Charite Berlin, before transitioning into a senior consultant role at Ernst & Young.

The webinar aims to facilitate and guide young Indonesians who are planning or are currently wandering to Germany to pursue their dreams, either through career advancement or further studies. Through this session, participants could gain insights from the speaker, who is also an alumnus of a German university, on how to set goals and priorities in life, in order to choose the correct path to build their careers. In this webinar participants also received interesting tips related to the work culture in German corporations.

This online conference consisted of two interactive sessions with question and answer sessions in between. The first session “Set Your Priority” discussed aspects that need to be considered in choosing a workplace and the importance of prioritizing individual life goals. It is important to note that there is no absolute right or wrong answer in this regard, as everyone has their own experiences and stories. The second session was titled “Planning is the Key,” where participants were guided and given an understanding of practical steps that could be taken to prepare, such as creating a Follow-Up Plan for the next 90 days.

The webinar participants consisted of 45 people from various cities in Germany and also from Indonesia. With different backgrounds and stories, ranging from those planning to go to Germany to those currently pursuing a Postdoctoral program in Germany, participants enthusiastically asked questions and participated in the discussions.

Through the insights and advice presented by Dr. Dimas Abdirama, it is hoped that each participant can plan and prepare strategically to develop themselves and their careers in Germany. Hopefully, through this webinar, the young generation of Indonesia can be more ready and confident to take the next steps in their career and study journey in Germany.

Author: Rachel Trixie