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[ENG] PPI Jerman Achieves Success with Inspiring Leadership Training Event

Herbstein, May 14, 2023 – The Department of Organization and Management of the Indonesian Student Association Germany (PPI Jerman or Vereinigung Indonesischer Studenten e.V.) successfully organized a Leadership Training (LDK) event on May 12-14, 2023 at CVJM Feriendorf, Herbstein, Germany. The event was attended by delegates from all PPI Germany branches with the aim of improving their leadership skills. The total number of participants reached 80 people, including delegates and organizers.

This year’s LDK presented a variety of materials relevant to leadership. The event began with the singing of Indonesia Raya, remarks from Dimas Fakhri Arsaputra as the President of the Indonesian Students Association in Germany 2022/2023, and remarks from Stephanie Tanus as Chairperson of LDK PPI Jerman 2023.

After that, the event continued with an “Introduction to PPI” workshop delivered by the President of the Indonesian Students Association in Germany 2022/2023, Dimas Fakhri Arsaputra, and the PPI Jerman AdHoc Team consisting of Reza Syihabuddin Khasbullah and Muhammad Rafi Taqiyyuddin. After the presentation, it was followed by a Focus Group Discussion (FGD), in which the participants were given questions with themes around PPI to be discussed in their respective groups. The workshop then ended with a presentation of the results of the discussions that had been carried out.

On the second day, the participants attended the “Project Management & Risk Management” workshop presented by Betharie Cendera Arrahmani. Furthermore, panel talks were held with the theme “Get to Know KBRI & KJRI” involving speakers such as Mr. Yul Edison, Deputy Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to the Federal Republic of Germany, Prof. Ardi Marwan, Attaché of Education and Culture at the Indonesian Embassy in Berlin, and Ms. Budi Annisa Sidi, PhD, as Secretary II of the Social and Cultural Information Function.

The second day of the event also continued with “Personal Branding” workshop led by the Department of Personal and Career Development, Ersintya Swasthi Pramadhani, as the deputy and team. The participants also got a valuable opportunity to hone their negotiation and leadership skills through the “Negotiation Skill & Leadership” workshop led by the Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia in Frankfurt, Mr. Acep Somantri S.IP., MBA, and the Police Attaché of the Indonesian Embassy in Berlin, Mr. Kombes. Shinto Bina Gunawan Silitonga, S.I.K., M.Si.

The peak event was held in the form of a treasure hunt, where participants were challenged to find name tags hidden by the organizers, solve a series of games at each post, and find moving clues. The second day ended with a gathering around the campfire, where participants gathered, shared stories, and created a warm and intimate atmosphere.

On the last day, the event closed with the distribution of prizes to the winners and the giving of impressions and messages for the LDK PPI Jerman 2023. In addition, there was also a flag distribution to PPI Branches as part of PPI Germany’s 67th anniversary celebration, as a form of gratitude and appreciation to each PPI Branch.

The success of this event is attributed to the support and hard work of the committee as well as the enthusiasm of all participants. Hopefully, this Leadership Training will continue to strengthen the leadership skills of the participants and provide positive benefits for each PPI branch in Germany.

Best wishes,
Department of Organization and Management
Association of Indonesian Students in Germany