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[ENG] PPI Göttingen Successfully Organized an Event Titled “Indonesian Cultural Night” in Introducing Indonesian Culture to Foreign Students

Göttingen, Germany – PPI (Indonesian Student Association) Göttingen, one of the branches of PPI Germany, held an Indonesian Cultural Night on Friday, 20 January 2023. The event was held in one of the international student facility rooms provided by Georg-August- Göttingen University and was attended by dozens of international students who were interested in learning more about Indonesian culture. It was the first time for PPI Göttingen to organise an “Indonesian Cultural Night”, which aims to introduce Indonesian culture to international students in Göttingen. Indonesian Cultural Night is an event full of various Indonesian cultures that are wrapped nicely and skillfully to showcase the charm of Indonesia.

The participants were entertained with music, dance, and food that some of them had never encountered before. The event also included a cooking activity in which international students were divided into groups and then worked together to prepare ingredients for gado-gado, a popular Indonesian dish. This event was a huge success and received positive feedback from all participants. Many international students expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to not only learn more about Indonesian culture but also meet and connect with Indonesian students in person. “We are very happy with the Indonesian Cultural Night event. Besides the delicious food, Indonesia also has the advantage of rich culture and friendly people,” said one of the participants.

“Our goal in making this event was to introduce more about Indonesian culture by providing a space for discussion with Indonesian students. This event also strengthens the relationship between Indonesia and international students, and I think our vision has been successful. We hope that this event is not the first and last, and that it will inspire other Indonesian student associations to organise similar events.” Said the chairman of PPI Göttingen for the 2022/2023 period. As a memento, PPI Göttingen also provided souvenirs for all participants in the form of postcards with Indonesian scenery and batik cloths for those who won the quiz about Indonesia.

About PPI Göttingen: PPI Göttingen is a non-profit organization representing the Indonesian student community in Germany in the city of Göttingen, Niedersachen. PPI Göttingen’s mission is to promote Indonesian culture, strengthen relations between Indonesian and German students, and provide support to Indonesian students studying in Germany.

If you have any questions about PPI Germany, especially PPI Göttingen or Indonesian Culture Night, please contact us on Instagram: ppi_goettingen