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[ENG] Closer to Southeast Asia! PPI Jerman is again uniting Southeast Asian students.

Frankfurt, Germany – The recent SEA Student Summit 2023, held at Goethe University Frankfurt, has left a lasting impression on Southeast Asian students, fostering empowerment, collaboration, and inspiration. Organized by PPI Germany (Association of Indonesian Students in Germany), PPI Frada, PPI Giessen, TSVD (Thai Studenten – Verein in Deutschland), and MGSS (Malaysian – German Students’ Society), this event went beyond expectations, providing a transformative experience for the participants.

The event took place on 1st July 2023, gathering students from various countries in Southeast Asia in a lively celebration of culture and knowledge. Carrying the theme ‘‘Green Economy: A Key To Long-Term Economic Growth?”, the participants were invited to actively and critically discuss the concept and implementation of a green economy by reflecting on the situation in Southeast Asia.

It began with remarks by Prof. Dr. Arndt Graf, Professor of the Faculty of Southeast Asian Studies at Goethe Frankfurt University, Mr. Klaus Klipp, Chairman of the European Union Frankfurt e.V, and remarks by Mr. Acep Somantri as the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Frankfurt as well as officially opening the 2023 SEA Student Summit. The main event consisted of webinars that introduced a European perspective on viewing and responding to the green economy, presented by Mirriane Mahn (German-Cameroonian Political Activist) and moderated by Sekar Yunita. Likewise, participants were invited to get closer to identifying the situation and conditions in Southeast Asia. Together with two speakers who are active in the field of transitional economics and energy, Mr. Faisal. H Basri (Indonesian Economist) and Giovanni Maurice Pradipta (Policy Advisor at Germanwatch), moderated by Muhammad Aldo Farizky, these webinars opened a space for discussion among participants. Through the two previous workshops, participants were invited to actively convey their views and ideas on green economy issues and problems in Southeast Asia through Focus Group Discussions.

Not only the exchange of knowledge but the rich culture of Southeast Asia also has a unique attraction that is displayed. Especially, This year the 2023 SEA Student Summit presented cultural performances, namely, Tari Piring from Minangkabau, Indonesia, Singing Performances of Malaysian Traditional Songs, Muay Thai performances, and the Sod Soi Ma La dance accompanied by the music called Beauty in the Moonlight from Thailand.

This event facilitates meaningful connections and encourages collaboration among participants, paving the way for lifelong friendships and partnerships that transcend boundaries. Through collaboration and cooperation between ASEAN students, it is hoped to promote the enthusiasm and participation of ASEAN youth in realizing the vision of the ASEAN community together.

At the end of the event, the SEA Student Summit 2023 was closed by the Hon. Mr. Farzamie Sarkawi as the Consulate General of Malaysia in Frankfurt by leaving a message to ASEAN students in Germany to continue to be active and collaborative and to represent students, Dimas Fakhri Arsaputra, as President of PPI Germany.

PPI Germany, PPI Frada, PPI Giessen, TSVD, and MGSS also thanked the Indonesian Embassy in Berlin, the Indonesian Consulate General in Frankfurt, Europa Union Frankfurt, Goethe Frankfurt University, Indonesian Youth Diplomacy, SEA Today, Indomie, and partners who supported the successful holding of the SEA Student Summit 2023: A Vision For The Future.